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  • Free Syphilis Home Test Kit

    Medications For Dealing With Aids May Prevent Individuals From Catching Help

    In one of one of the most promising developments in more than Twenty Years, scientists declare that drugs used to regulate HIV/AIDS in patients could also be effective in preventing the disease to begin with.

    Free Syphilis Home Test Kit


    The drugs in question are tenofovir (Viread) and also emtricitabine, or FTC (Emtriva), marketed in mix as Truvada by Gilead Sciences Inc. Gilead is the California firm best known for creating Tamiflu.

    Previous research has actually been focused on locating an injection versus HIV/AIDS, with the intent of conditioning the immune system versus the illness. Yet these medicines function differently. They merely maintain the infection from reproducing, as well as have actually already been utilized successfuly by health care employees to prevent them from being infected by the virus carried by patients.

    This strategy to combating HIV/AIDS has been appealing researchers for years, however has actually only recently ended up being feasible as preventative drugs have actually been established that are secure for non-infected individuals to take. Previous medicines had unreasonable effects for clean individuals.


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    That scenario transformed when Tenofovir began the marketplace in 2001. Tenofovir is effective and safe, as well as it just needs to be taken once daily. It additionally does not interact with other medicines or birth control pills, as well as shows up less medication resistance than various other AIDS drugs.

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    Monkey studies show exciting results

    A major research by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in Atlanta, Georgia involved six macaques. The monkeys were given a combination of Tenofovir and FTC and after that administered a fatal mix of monkey and human AIDS viruses. They were given the viruses in anal dosages to simulate get in touch with between gay males.

    Each was given 14 weekly direct exposures of the virus, and also none of the monkeys became infected. In a control group which did not get the medicines, almost one obtained the condition, typically after just two exposures.

    The scientists then stopped providing the drugs to the test group to see if the prevention was only short-lived. The results were similarly remarkable. None of the monkeys got the illness. "We're now 4 months following the animals without any medication, no infection. They're clean and also healthy," reported a CDC researcher.

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    Now other research groups are pushing to have this drug mix checked on humans. A $29 million CDC study of drug addict in Botswana will certainly currently be switched to this brand-new drug mix.

    One more research study of 400 heterosexual women in Ghana by the Family Members Wellness Effort, as well as moneyed by the Expense and Melinda Gates Foundation, is examining the impacts of tenofovir alone.

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    However a number of other researches have failed to emerge because researches of this nature immediately increase suspicions that scientists are utilizing regional people as test subject. The fear is that they will deliberately subject the guinea pig to the virus.

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    The cost of tenofovir as well as Truvada also make testing tough. In African countries prophylactics are now liberally donated by companies, aid groups, UN firms, as well as western governments. While the medicines are relatively low-cost, the cost remains an impediment.

    However scientists have been reinvigorated by the stunning results out of Atlanta, and brand-new examinations are going on in pockets of interest worldwide.

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